Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am totally stoked to publicly announce the "back in black" second edition of the "A Farm In Cleveland?!" t-shirt. It took a year, but the unbleached white tees are almost sold-out. Please note, that this second edition still bears the infamous "?" because a farm in Cleveland is still a preposterous idea.

So why black? Initially, my hunch was that the general sentiment of locavores/policy people/farmers would favor an unbleached white tee for the a la naturalness of it...and there was some of that. But there was a lot more of "do you have it in black?" I caught on pretty quickly and vowed never again to deny my heavy metal roots by printing a white shirt.

Plus, this is Cleveland. We ain't very flashy. Subliminally or consciously, we all know the beer belly slimming attributes of a black tee. And the practicality of going with anything while being able to hide stains can't be beat!

Apart from the back in blackness of them, the shirts are still the same ol' 8-color print. There are men's and women's styles. The women's are printed on Bella brand, fitted, made in the USA, organic cotton. Whilst, the men's are on Heavy Gildan cotton tees (like many of my metal tees). They were screened at Clevo's Jakprints, whose professionalism and turnaround time are awesome.

Through the holiday season, Lakewood's brother-to-the-farmer, Root Cafe will have a ready stock of shirts ($20) for you and all of your loved ones. I will also be selling these wares at the Gordon Square Holiday Market on December 17th from 10AM - 2PM in the Gordon Square Arcade. Being that I'm an all-access farmer, if those options don't work, contact me at to arrange something. Heck, I could probably even deliver for anybody thinking of multiple shirts.

And if you're out of the state, or out of the country, believe me, the irony/hope of "A Farm In Cleveland?!" t-shirt will not be lost in translation. And for that reason, I also have Paypal available.