Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of the Season Stuff

Because some of you are wondering, I still haven't heard from Re-Imagining Cleveland whether or not I was awarded the grant. I've gotten to the anxious point and will be sending some inquisitive emails over the next day. Later on tonight, I'm going to an Info Session on OSU's Master Gardener program. It sounds very textbook-like in its online description. Being that it's taught over the winter months, I'm not sure if there's any kind of garden lab...

Anyways, over the weekend, I took some time and broke down some of the garden. I picked a final 3 pounds of variety peppers (finally some habaneros!), 12 pounds of green tomatoes, and 7 pounds of purple potatoes. Pulling up one of the tomato plants, its roots pulled up dirt from one of the earthworm habitats and with the dirt came three worms. I was stoked with the 7 pounds of purple potatoes as the Yukon Gold yield was small. It wasn't the 15 to 20 pounds described on the Backwoods Home website, but a good-start nonetheless. I think more sun is the answer.

I made an amazing roasted tomato soup over the weekend. I included a picture of the scrumptious process.

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