Friday, February 12, 2010

Soil Tests in the Snow

You know you're a Cleveland farmer when...

Despite the 20 degrees, the half foot of snow, the kite-famous wind from the lake, and the current blustery conditions, you put your best soil probe forward and plunge deep into the frosted urban tundra. That's just what I did on Tuesday afternoon, and now you may wonder just what I found below the surface level. It can be summed up in one, maybe two words: clay aka clayaeceous. It's not so bad that I'm considering changing my business plan to Old Husher's Mud Bath and Sauna. However, my future need for voluminous amounts of organic debris seems to have increased exponentially by the tractor truck load.

I had a pretty good feeling this was going to happen.

So let's bring on the ploughs, and seed some deep rooting cover crops, and bring up the horse manures from the Parma stables and the coffee grinds from Loop. It's on.

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