Friday, June 12, 2009

My Garden Today, Blog #1, Testing. Testing. 123.

I'm just trying to get the basics here today with a picture and a basic post. This is my garden today. Just look at those tomatillos! Lots of Solanaceaes and Brassicas. The bok choys are already done this year, and the spinach is getting pulled this weekend. Four kohlrabi and a bunch of salads have already been eaten.


  1. Good luck Justin! This was probably what you should have been focusing your energies on years ago. Glad you're feeling inspired. I added your blog to the links on my blog. Click to view. Garden looks delish! Oh, I took some pics last year, will try to find and send :)

  2. looks great! I've never grown bok choy or tomatillos. Probably a good idea for a nice green salsa. We expanded our garden x3 this year, but stuck with the standard fare in terms of plants.