Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Week's Pictorial

I'm dedicating this blog to my buddy, Gabe, who I didn't help move at all last week. Instead, I tilled, planted, sorted, potted-up tomatoes, unrolled some nasty second-hand greenhouse plastic, and performed other necessary/tedious chores. Thanks goes out to Chad Krawtschenko, Josh Klein, and Lynn Rodemann, who all assisted with various tasks.

This photo is just kind of cool and does not represent any amount of sweat equity. I call it "Lettuce and Onions under a GlowCube." Here's the germination station again. This time it's a little more full. We have some soil blocked beets in the top foreground and hardy kiwis on the bottom edges. A totally charming photograph of myself and the nasty aforementioned plastic. That single piece was over 100 feet long and 24 feet wide with gallons of water stuck in the seams. Josh, Lynn, and I unrolled it and took box knives to it in order to cut it into manageable pieces. Photo by Lynn. That's alotta onions! This photo represents the first purchase by the Cleveland Farmers Buyer's Club. Twelve of us went in on 3,600 onions, which allowed us to drop the price of a single bundle from $12 all way down to $2.50. Please note, about 1,500 of these onions are mine. A picture of my tilling handiwork. Directly left of the photo will be the 650 square foot asparagus bed, going in some time within the next week. All of them potted-up tomatoes. Yes, my house is a mess.

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