Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Good Lookin' Dudes Rockin' Old Husher's Gear

Through the years from time to time, I get a jpeg sent to my personal email with a picture of somebody, somewhere rockin' the "A Farm in Cleveland?!" t-shirt. Here's some of those jpegs.

First up is Kevin Glutton, sporting the tee on a warm Maui beach. Kevin has been bonelessing around Cleveland for as long as anyone can remember, plays bass and sings in the appropriately named Gluttons, and is a fairly regular farmhand at Old Husher's Farm. Sorry Ladies, this one's taken.

Last, but not least, is Earache Wallace. He's a very well assimilated Portlander via Ohio. His skills include rock n roll poster art and being one of the best psychedelic/metal crossover guitarists this or that side of the Mississippi. If Kylesa ever needed a third guitarist to do a modern version of "Freebird," then Earache would be my first suggestion. Until then, Earache is earning his teaching degree in art and is looking forward to teaching hessians the fine craft of silk screening.


  1. Love it! Can never have enough good looking dudes in your shirt... :)

  2. I am taking your shirt to Burningman and getting a picture for ya! I'll make sure there is plenty of nudity and dust.