Monday, August 3, 2009

Grants In! Garden On! A Full Bounty!

On Friday, I hand delivered my grant application to Cleveland City Hall. I'm glad to be done with that process. Now it's a waiting game. I uploaded a picture of my garden's initially proposed layout from the application.

Being done with the application process, I finally had time to do some gardening. Today, this second day of August, I had my first real bounty, where the shelves are overflowing, and the fridge is full. That's just a portion of the tomatoes that I picked today. Just look at those purple ones. Also picked a couple of cukes, and pounds of tomatilloes. I may have to do that entry on canning salsa soon. I processed four tomatilloes for seed purposes and uprooted the lettuce tree.

Interestingly, the picture of mucvers were enough to get both my mom and cousin to fry up some zucchini morsels last week. Maybe this should be a food blog, as us Hushers like to eat.


  1. this is so cool, Justin! Congrats on getting the grant in. Now waiting.

    Happy Monday. ;)

  2. Good luck! Hey the latest Mother Earth News has plans for an earthbag shed. Consider that for your storage building.