Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still Lifes with Ripening Tomatoes and Mental Notes

Unless otherwise noted, all seeds bought from

Cream Sausage-White meaty, roma-type. Grows big with a nipple-like end. Good mellow taste. Good yields.

Black Prince-Classic slicer though purple in color. Perfect size for BLTs. Stabilized in Russia. Dad's favorite this year.

Orange Banana-Another paste tomato, orange. Basic tubular shape. Tops seemed to stay a bit green even when ripe. Okay amount of flesh.

Green Sausage-A paste tomato that ripens to green flesh. Outside zebra stripes of green and yellow/orange, other worldly. Plus, meatiest tomato this year. Very few seeds. Must do in bulk next year for visual aesthetics.

Plum Lemon-Amazing to look at yellow-roma type that looks like a lemon, also with a nipple-end. However, seedy with not-a-lot of mealy flesh. Least favorite this year for taste sensation. But tied with Green Sausage for top visual sensation. LEMONS IN CLEVELAND?!

Sweet Seedless Hybrid (Burpee)-Classic red slicer with a hitch. No Seeds! Medium size. Supposedly, this is supposed to be the world's sweetest tomato as a result. And I would say that they're good but for $5 for 10 seeds? I must admit that prepping for sauce was easier because of this.

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