Monday, February 20, 2012

Fuel Fillup Pickup Party Prep

Just because the Manifesto has been to the presses and back, doesn't mean I've been sitting around unmanifesto-ing. In fact, the contrary is true. I always thought I'd be handnumbering a seven inch or LP at this point in my life, but instead, my first jaunt at handnumbering comes with this Urban Farm Manifesto. I'm glad I got it over with when the adrenalin from the Jakprints pickup was still flooding my emotions because the physical act of handnumbering 500 copies isn't as cool as it sounds. And I'm sorry if it got a little sloppy.

Numbers 1-100 are the black 180 gram vinyl edition and come in black sharpie. Numbers 101-200 are the Sarah edition in turquoise sharpie. 201-300 are the Monsatan edition and come in red sharpie. 301-400 are the green edition in green sharpie. 401-500 are the Old as Dirt edition in brown sharpie.

Besides handnumbering, I've been ripping five-count stacks of Corporate Food Still Sucks sticker packs. I've sweated over (but not into) boiling vats of Pennsylvania River Woman Mustard, the Manifesto Edition. I've bought a gallon of Ohio Maple Syrup for the Ohio Maple Syrup Glaze for the vegan sweet potato donuts. And the Manifesto Strong Ale has been bottled and is currently in the process of the bottle fermentation thing.

Still on the "Prep To Do" list are sweet potato material acquisition and figuring out what we're pouring the beer into; though methinks, we're using half pint canning jars. If anybody knows where to get Cleveland sweet potatoes or even Ohio sweet potatoes right now, please let me know. Then Tomorrow or Wednesday, I think I'm doing an Urban Farm Manifesto podcast (whatever that is) with this fella named Doctor Fermento.

Only three days left on the Rockethub pre-sale. Don't be shy.

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