Monday, February 27, 2012


You know you've gone to a Manifesto opening party when you see this sign. Visible Voice Books Merch Table Pre-party. Pre-party Urban Farm Manifesto Manuscript 1. Pre-party Urban Farm Manifesto Manuscript 2. This is my favorite photo of the evening. This is my favorite non-people based photo of the evening. Courtesy of Anna Wallace Birchler, as are most of the rest of the others in this blog. This is my favorite crowd photo. First, we got Urban Farm Manifesto artiste extraordinaire, Gabriel Bond completely shunning the camera. Somebody told me that he was grumbling something about, "no pictures, no pictures." Second, immediately to the right of Gabe's right shoulder is Chuck.

Chuck told me a funny little story that went something like this (completely paraphrased). I never heard of ya, til about 10 this morning when somebody sent me the video. Then like five minutes later you walked into the Root Cafe. You were getting cups or something. And I recognized ya cause of the shorts. YESSS!!!

To the right of Chuck, is Farmer Dan in the Pennsylvania River Woman Mustard-colored hat. He is definitely enjoying that sweet potato donut with Ohio Maple Syrup glaze! In the foreground directly south, we got Ms. Perkins, who is standing pretty in pink, and her crew, Maria and Paul. The little poof of a white cloud chef's hat is Adam Hughes.

The redneck-lookin' dude in the camo hat is Root Cafe's owner, Bobbie. He rode his bike in the only snowstorm of 2012 for this thing! And last but not least at the end of the right of the page is Manifesto Brewmaster and Sofa King Killer Micro-coffee bean Roaster, Aaron Pearl, representing his own bad self and Origins Beanery.

So going back to Gabriel Bond as our focal point. Immediately to his left is LEAF Queenpin, Annie with a more German last name than thou. To Annie's left, methinks is Rob Burgoyne, who happens to be the LEAF Kingpin. Just below the LEAF folk is Ron Kretsch, who I just appreciated for showing up, but then he also bought a Manifesto. Thank you, Ronk! In the bottom left corner is Rob Resch; he'll fix your amp.

Urban Farm Manifesto Artist, Gabriel Bond getting all snarky. I like this photo because there's two dudes eating donuts. I like this photo because I don't know most of the people in it. Vegan Sweet Potato Donuts in Action! We made sure no kids got anywhere near the fryer. A good friend, farmhand, rocker, and masseuse, I call this one, "Jessica and Justin." I had no idea Tunnel Vision Hoop Founder, Todd Alexander is this tall. My marketing department should have never allowed me to take this photo. Birch on the beer. Aaron looking elsewhere. Maria and Chef Hughes on the sweet potato, one and twos. At the end of the evening beyond all the people folk who literally published the Urban Farm Manifesto. Mucho thanks goes out to these peeps: Ed Sotelo for hooking up the event. Visible Voice for hosting. Zappitelli's for all the delicious pizza. Adam Hughes for always coming through. Rockethub for the infrastructure. Origins Beanery for the Manifesto Strong Ale. And power fueler, Sarah Buck, who contributed majorly to the wine tab. Now for distribution!

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