Thursday, February 2, 2012


In eight furious days of crowdfunding, the Urban Farm Manifesto was able to achieve its stated goal of $900! That's pretty amazing, and I thank the diverse group of friends, strangers, and family, who've contributed to the success of the Rockethub campaign.

That being said, the price tag on this entire project including artists' fees, marketing, printing, and Ohio Maple Syrup is $2,100. I absolutely have no problem footing the rest of the $1,200. I believe in this project 101% and would have paid for the entire thing, if necessary.

What I do mind is holding inventory. So far, I still have 478 units of Manifesto unaccounted for, 97 limited edition posters awaiting walls, and nine jars of Pennsylvania River Woman Mustard looking to be slathered on sandwiches. Therefore, pre-sale is still on!

From Where I Could Use Help

Though, I'll take a rocket fueling where I can get it. There are a couple of generalized groups whose support I'd like to see. These are my Coastal Peeps and Cleveland's Policy People.

Coastal Peeps

I know out of sight is out of mind, but I'd like to see some more fuelings from my folks all up and down the West Coast and Brooklyn. Though land is much more affordable in the Midwest, the zoning/sales/bureaucracy issues are the same whether it's Cleveland or Berkley. Thanks again to Scot Pansing for being the first coastal fueler.

Cleveland's Policy People

This is a huge group of traditionally tight-moneyed people in the governmental sector and private non-profit sector, whose general jobs are to promote all things green like urban farms and sustainability. Personally, I think every one of them should pre-order a SUPER COMBO, consisting of "A Farm In Cleveland?!" t-shirt and an Urban Farm Manifesto.

So far, though emails have been sent to the Office of Sustainability, Neighborhood Progress Inc, and the Cuyahoga County branch of the OSU Extension Office about the Manifesto, no individuals within these groups (or the groups themselves) have contributed. Tomorrow's payday and maybe I'm being hasty. I would really love to eat my words on this one and owe all of Cleveland's Policy People an apology. I wish I could conclude with a name-dropping "thank you" right now, but I literally can't.

Therefore and to re-iterate, pre-sale is still on! Thank you.

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  1. Are you working with anyone at the bellaire puritas development corporation? I think your farm is in their area. What you are doing is fantastic!