Friday, July 17, 2009

General Update

The last week has had me driving circles and circles and figure-eights around the west side of Cleveland. I found several perfect lots that between ornery old ladies and fellow would-be grantees have become very imperfect lots. Alas however, hard work and a tank of gas appears to have paid off. I found a lot in a very public place in the Puritas-Longmead section of Cleveland. It's 0.16 acres with another 0.22 acres right next door. The neighbor seems into it. Yay!

On the garden front, I picked my first cuke of the year and two pounds of sweet peppers. Cantaloupes are forming. The mid-season beets haven't sprouted yet. The tomatilloes are crazy. And this damn cool weather has kept my tomatoes from ripening.

Just curious, has anyone ever taken or even seen an amazing picture of a stuffed pepper? They just aren't very photogenic (see non-photogenic photo). You may have guessed. I stuffed peppers with marinara sauce with this season's first banana peppers. I complimented this Italian stand-by with another Italian classic from the Garden of Hush. Pesto. And what a meal it made. Tomorrow night, I think I'm making mucwers (pronounced moo-ver)with the zucchini.

I tell you what. I can't wait 'til this grant is all turned-in. I want to get back to fingernail dirtying dirty work of my garden. I got raised beds to build, a second round of moss establishing, earthworm harboring, etc, to do. The next sunny day I'll get a good photo of the moss established so far. I'm pretty impressed.

Speaking of impressed, I'm judging this year's garden by the results of my cantaloupe, tomatilloes, and potatoes. So I'm about 33% impressed so far.

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