Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Picked Cauliflower and Curry

Yesterday, I celebrated my first ever cauliflower harvest. I should have several more on the way, but cauliflower appears to be finicky, and I can't gauge which plants will actually form heads. Being that I started my whole crop at the same time, I would imagine heads would also form at the same time. This does not appear to be the case as several plants seem to be in the leaf-only stage still. Perhaps, this is because of shading, or genetic diversity in the heirloom cauliflower plants, or something entirely different? I don't know. But the results have been delicious.

That cauliflower got cooked up into a vegan curry with potato and cumin seeds last night. This meal is pretty much a staple around the house these days and was the inspiration to grow both cauliflower and potatoes this year (too bad them taters aint ready yet). My mom gave me the recipe and now I'm giving it to you.

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