Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Dad's Tomatoes

So last night I get home from work and check my email to learn that my dad has already grown 22 lbs of red ripe tomatoes this year. I've picked one single measly tomato with a three inch fruit. I'm not even sure if it's ripe. It's orange. It seems ripe. It's barely soft and hasn't gotten bigger in what seems like weeks. I'm slicing it up tonight. Now the take home from all of this is tomatoes ripen faster when you're three hours south, AND, if I'm going to plant wicked-cool colored heirlooms, then I better label them. Anyone know how to tell when a green tomato is ripe?

Speaking of harvests, over the weekend I plucked 3.25 lbs of tomatilloes, which were turned into salsa right away along with their brother-in-flavor, the jalapeno. The next batch of tomatilloes will definitely have to be canned because I'm already on salsa overload.

The pictures are of my dad's glorious haul of luscious reds, my measly single tomato, and a very recent photo of the moss garden so far.

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