Monday, July 13, 2009

Tomatillos and General Update

In the garden, it's like the quiet before the storm. The moderate temperatures that are keeping my electric bill down are also keeping my tomatoes green. There's not too much happening on the garden front, 'cept some tomatilloes, a pickle, and another (the last)kohlrabi were picked. I started some late season beets and used those little expandable peat pods for the first time.

The tomatilloes got processed into roasted salsa verde with only six ingredients. The recipes found on the web are essentially all the same. Read one or two and just go with it. One of the things that I've noticed with growing tomatilloes is that bees love 'em. There were three on one plant yesterday. I will be trying to save seed from these this year.

The lack of gardening gave me ample opportunity to scour west Cleveland, seeking my future lot. I looked at about 50 different properties. And finally,I think I found the perfect parcel. I've tried to make contact with the neighbor, but with no luck so far.

Tomorrow, I think I'll have my first harvest of peppers: gypsies and bananas. Tomorrow night, I think I'm making some kind of cauliflower mash/puree. I'm definitely will be trying to get a hold of the neighbor.

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