Friday, July 10, 2009

O))) Sunn Amped about Two Properties: The Hunt Continues

Armed with five pages of google-mapped directions, I went cruising around the close-in west side of Cleveland, hoping to find the perfect vacant lot with cool neighbors. Even after exceptional filtering of potential properties in Ohio Green Print, the pickings were still slim.

In one instance, I found a community garden put together by the Summer Sprout Program (I can go passive tense on my own blog, dude). In several other instances, neighbors usurped the available lot next door with kids playing and picnics tables and the like. Some lots were parking lots. Others parked construction equipment. Through the five pages, I actually found two awesome properties. Even spoke with a couple of not-quite neighbors (Hi Linda, Dorothy and Marsha!), who seemed totally cool with the concept of a market garden almost next door.

Tomorrow, I intend to google-map another five pages and scope out more properties. But tomorrow's goal-goal is neighborly contact. I also have some general garden updates tomorrow. Can you say green fuzz?!

The "O))) Sunn Amped" is a personal metaphor. Rock on.

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